If you are looking for ways to increase profit and production as a producer, then you have come to the right place. Farmer Courses offers quality, straight-forward training in the areas of production and finance. You will also have the opportunity to learn from professionals who have years of experience in the field (no pun intended). The courses are in-depth and painless, yet offer you the tools you need to succeed as a producer. Take a look at this open letter (below) from the creator of these courses, Dr. Gregory Hanson.

Dear Producer:

Our FFAT-Finance & PMAT-Production courses have virtually NO PARAGRAPHS TO READ! Instead, I use the "white space" of the page to highlight bullets and examples. 

FFAT is guided by three management concepts: RECORDS-ANALYSIS-PLANNING.  PMAT has IMPORTANT SECTIONS on Market Plan, Technology Upgrades, Production & Field Records, Risk Analysis, and Information Resources.  Every page has one or more fill-in-the-blanks questions to answer.  Farmers & ranchers complete the course at their kitchen table with a spouse or partner or can work on it in the truck while waiting to unload grain. Producers usually spend about 25-30 hours on each course.  I answer producer questions daily by phone or email.  Upon completion, the course book is sent back (all together) to me for grading.  Farmer progress through course concepts and exercises is followed page-by-page as coursework is graded.

Due to its unique, hands-on presentation, FFAT is recommended for all producers. PMAT, which is individualized to the enterprises on each farm or ranch, is taken by about half of the farmers that enroll in our finance course.

Doing a few pages a day is easiest when you see the course setting “open” on your desk or table! Our superb quality course material is sent-out on a daily basis to newly enrolled producers. We carefully organize sections of presented concepts, homework, instructions, etc. for you. Once corrected, we return the entire course to the producer for a FUTURE REFERENCE. Farmer grades average about 90%. A copy of a detailed grade letter, diploma, and key pages from the completed course are provided to the lender as a feedback courtesy.  We now accept credit card payment at our secure website: www.farmercourses.com

The PMAT and FFAT are now available in English and Español.

Our straight-forward training approach works well. We look forward to hearing from you.


Greg Hanson
Dr. Gregory D. Hanson
Professor, Farm Finance and Production

For more information and to register, please follow these links:

How to register and pay:

  • Online Registration for one or both courses with convenient and secure credit card payment
  • Download and print a paper registration form if you'd like to pay by check.
  • Mail name, address, check payment, telephone, course desired, county of lender office, name of loan officer, and farm enterprises raised on the farm/ranch to: FARMER COURSES, 6021 Sunset Blvd, Madison, SD 57042
  • How to return books for grading:
    • We recomend using  USPS as they foward books as needed. 
    • Please consider tracking your book
    • Please keep a copy of your recipt for your records
    • All books get returned  for grading to: 
      • Mark Douglass
        614 Egypt Road 
        Brockway. PA 15824
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