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If you are looking for ways to increase profit and production as a producer, then you have come to the right place. Farmer Courses offers quality, straight-forward training in the areas of production, finance, and risk management. You will also have the opportunity to learn from professionals who have years of experience in the field (no pun intended). The courses are in-depth, thought provoking, and offer you the tools you need to succeed as a producer.

Most of our courses are through correspondence, through the mail. Once we grade your course, we return it to you for use as a future reference on your farm or ranch. It is our goal to bring you the most up-to-date courses to maximize your potential growth. Thank you, and we hope you consider one of our fine products.

For Farmers

Most Popular Courses

PMAT - Production Management Analysis Training
FFAT - Farm Finance Analysis Training

*** The PMAT & FFAT are Farm Service Agency approved courses in 49 states!

Other Courses Available

FRM - Farm Risk Management

For Lenders/Bankers

Courses for Lenders/Bankers

CFAT - Credit and Financial Analyst Training